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Organethic Pure Care
your professional and organic choice for your hair

Discover the world of Organethic Pure Care, where the passion for beauty combines with a commitment to ethics. Our our professional hair care line is made up of products formulated with natural ingredients carefully selected, to guarantee hair care solutions that respect both you and the environment. Join us in the natural beauty revolution, where each product tells a story of quality, effectiveness and love for the planet.

Take care for your hair naturally, responsibly and ethically with Organethic Pure Care. Discover the complete line of our products and give your hair the love and care it deserves.

Natural Active Ingredients

Our hair care line combines natural ingredients and cutting-edge technologies, supported by in-depth research. We exploit the effectiveness of botanical extracts, organic oils and vegetable proteins to create formulas that offer unparalleled benefits. Each formula responds to specific needs, guaranteeing professional results and particular attention to hair health. Join us for a conscious and delicate approach, which celebrates natural beauty with effectiveness and respect.


Discover our Special Editions
Sunny Glow & Bride to Be

For brighter moments and special occasions, Organethic Pure Care presents two limited edition boxes: Summer Glow for a radiant summer and Bride to Be for the most beautiful day.


Summer Glow

Your ally for the summer, formulated with Tamanu oil and natural ingredients, to protect your hair from UV rays and provide deep hydration and shine. Ideal for daily use, it leaves hair soft, silky and ready to shine in the sun.

Bride to Be

The ultimate treatment to be flawless on your big day. With the effectiveness of Inca Oil and the hydration of Aloe Vera, this exclusive formula guarantees elasticity, shine and volume, for hair that completes your beauty in the moment of "I do".

Targeted solutions for every need

Discover our personalized hair care solutions, designed to satisfy the specific needs of the skin and hair. From hydration to reconstruction, our range offers dedicated treatments that promote hair health with a careful and scientific approach, ideal for professionals that wants the best for their customers. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients and advanced formulas, we guarantee beauty and well-being for every hair type.

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Harness the power of herbs to offer clients a treatment even more specific to their needs!

The Wellness line, thanks to its holistic and herbal approach, uses nature to ensure the well-being of the skin, while also going against and controlling skin imperfections.
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At Organethic Pure Care, our priority is to enhance and support beauty professionals. For this reason, we have chosen not to sell our products online, but to rely on the competence and professionalism of the partner salons. This decision reflects our commitment to building a relationship of mutual trust, ensuring that every hair care experience is guided by the expertise of those who truly know your hair.


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Discover our exclusive lines of professional hair care products

Take care for your hair naturally, responsibly and sustainably with Organethic Pure Care. Discover the complete lines of our professional products and give your hair the love and care it deserves.


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