Are you a distributor?

Are you a distributor and looking for a brand of organic, Made in Italy and high quality products? Are you looking for a brand that respects a covenant of trust with its partners?

Organethic Pure Care is always looking for dynamic and passionate partners in order to expand a community committed to excellence, quality and success. 

Are you a salon?

Are you opening a salon and looking for an organic, Made in Italy, high quality product brand? Are you looking for a brand that can support you in training, marketing and sales? 

Organethic Pure Care understands the challenges salons face in today's competitive market and supports salons to preserve their exclusivity.

Why Organethic Pure Care is the best choice for your salon:

  1. OPC is dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to SALONS, we do not sell our products online.
  2. OPC has a wide range of TREATMENTS covering all scalp and hair problems.
  3. The effectiveness of all our RITUALS is validated by certified testing.

We offer training and support directly in the salons.



We test our products and protocols to ensure quality standards and deliver concrete, tangible results.

Effectiveness testing


We offer intro kits created to have our quality and promises tested.

Intro kit


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